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someone's home =

their dining table =

their lounge =

their kitchen =

their washroom =

their hallway =

their spare space =

your office space

your desk

your meeting room

your pantry

your washroom

your lobby

your business hub

spend money on business growth

save money on office space


Hermit exists to provide office space in residential properties. Small businesses work from someone’s home during the day, earning homeowners additional income for space they don’t need. Everybody wins.


We do this because we believe that commercial offices and co-working don’t suit many small businesses, who are often charged expensive rates for spaces that don’t accommodate their needs.

How much?

We aim to provide private office space in central London for less than £200 per person, per month. Exact costs depend on the specification of the space and the 'house rules' set by the homeowner.

Sharing space is more efficient

Home office space is either available while the homeowner is away at work, or in spare rooms within the property that aren’t otherwise being used. The types of space and terms of use are different for every property.


The benefit to the homeowner is that they can earn extra income from their home, whilst businesses can use private office space that is often 50% cheaper than the conventional alternatives.

The benefits of a Hermit home office


homes are better situated, with a good access to public transport


businesses have their own space and don’t have to share with other businesses


homes provide more comfortable amenities like kitchens, sofas and private bathrooms


we provide one month rolling contracts to businesses and homeowners

Cost Efficiency

our rental costs are significantly less than commercial alternatives

Discover available home offices

Wenlock Road

Old Street

Allingham St


Rita Road


Our service makes this possible

We take the time to match small businesses with the right kind of home office for them. Find out more
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Tailored licence agreements 
for each property

A legal document is signed between each business and homeowner, outlining the terms of the relationship.

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Protection and security for both parties

We provide a tailored home insurance policy, a secure payment processing system and ID verification for all users.

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Ongoing customer management and support

We are an intermediary between businesses and homeowners, providing ongoing advice and support.

Get started with Hermit...

As featured in...

Hermit homeowner 1

I didn't want to get a lodger as I wanted my home to myself in the evenings and weekends - Hermit lets you earn a monthly income whilst keeping your home to yourself when you want it.

- Will

Hermit Business owner 3

We used to be in a serviced office, then we realised we were paying for facilities that we didn't need. Someone's home can provide all the essentials, whilst offering a more pleasant place to work.

- Elizabeth

Hermit business owner 1

We were looking for an office space that was private and comfortable but didn’t cost the world - Hermit Offices offer a great alternative to dreary office blocks.

- Vinnie

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