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Frequently asked questions

Here's what businesses and homeowners have been asking us. Don't find what your looking for? Get in touch.
The Basics

What kind of home makes a good Hermit office?

Hermit offices can be in any type of residential home, from compact apartments to large detached houses.

What facilities does a Hermit office provide?

All homes are different, and so is every Hermit office. Typically, homeowners will provide a single room for sole use by the business during the day (this is usually a living or dining room). Access to other amenities such as the washroom and kitchen is also provided. Homeowners will be expected to provide fast broadband, accessible power points and suitable lighting.  Beyond this, the amenities are at the homeowner’s discretion and are very varied.

What kind of business does Hermit suit?

Hermit usually caters for businesses that require office space for up to 10 employees. Using Hermit, small and lean businesses can benefit from having a centrally located base that costs far less than commercial office space. For example, the creative industries, recruitment firms and technology startups all thrive in Hermit office spaces.

Where are Hermit offices located?

Hermit offices are widely spread around different residential addresses in London.

Day-to-day operation

How do Hermit contracts work between businesses and homeowners?

We provide contracts that are to be signed by both parties. These are monthly rolling contracts that include the dates of occupancy, monthly rental cost and business details. The contracts end after 12 months.

How will the arrangement work day-to-day?

Each arrangement will be specific to the business and the homeowner. Before any contract is signed, the following points need to be agreed upon:

  • the hours of access permitted for the business to use the space.

  • the level of access the business are permitted (flexible working hours, personal house keys, specific room access, parking, guest access etc.).

  • the level of privacy the business will be permitted. 

  • the items that can be brought to the home by the business and their level of security.

  • the cleaning arrangements are required by the business and homeowner.

  • other terms that may include use of other facilities, pets, smokers etc.

Will a business ever need to share the home office with another business?

Hermit only allows one business per home and the homeowner is always made fully aware of all personnel that will be using their space.

What happens if either party wish to end the contract?

Either party is required to provide one month’s notice if they wish to terminate the contract.

Money and payments

How is payment made with Hermit?

Monthly rental payments are made automatically as a direct debit through GoCardless; our secure payments partner.

How much does a Hermit office cost?

Homeowners set the price for use of their space, and Hermit will give a recommendation on what this should be based on factors such as location, size and specification. Hermit offices are always designed to be more cost efficient than commercial alternatives.​

Do businesses pay a deposit?

Businesses pay one month’s office fee as a deposit, which is returned to them at the end of the contract if all working conditions are met.

Are there any additional charges?

Hermit takes a 3% commission fee from both the business and the homeowner each month. Aside from this, all standard office service costs such as heating, water, internet etc. are included in the monthly listed price.

Insurance and legal requirements

Do Hermit provide insurance?

Hermit provide a comprehensive insurance policy that’s included in our service charge. This includes protection against accidental damage, theft or other losses to the homeowner. For more information, please click here.

Can a rental property be used as a Hermit office?

Hermit strongly advises that tenants seek their landlord’s permission before listing their home on the site. It is a legal requirement that all properties being used as Hermit offices must be lived in as a residential home at the same time. 

Does it affect my mortgage if I rent my home out?

We recommend that homeowners check with their mortgage provider before listing their home on the site.

Can I register my business to the address of the Hermit office?

Hermit offices cannot become a registered business address.

Getting started

What is the process for a business to start working in a home?

Hermit makes it simple for businesses to discover amazing home offices and begin working in one. For information about how the process works, see here.

Do the homeowner and business meet before the contract is signed?

It is vital that both parties meet before a contract is signed. Firstly, this enables the business to view the property and have any of their questions answered about the space. Secondly, it allows the the business and homeowner to get to know one another, assess whether they could share the home and crucially decide on the terms of the arrangement.

Do both parties undergo security checks?

Hermit uses Onfido to conduct background checks on both homeowners and businesses (that includes all members of the business who will be using the home office). All checks are completed before the contract begins.

Can Hermit help me with getting started?

We are always available to help any business or homeowner begin their Hermit journey. If you are a business, we can search for properties in your location of interest and help you find the perfect home office. If you are a homeowner, we can assist with creating a profile, finding the right business for your home and helping them move in without hassle. For more information, simply get in touch and we’d love to tell you more.

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