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How Hermit works

Everything we do is designed to make working from someone's home simple and hassle free
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1. Discover workspaces online

Businesses can browse our office spaces on the Hermit site. When a business finds a space they like the look of, they can contact the homeowner to arrange a viewing or ask any questions.

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2. Visit promising workspaces

Businesses will always view a home-office before beginning to work there. This is a chance for them to view the space, but also an opportunity for the business and homeowner to meet and decide if their relationship could work on an ongoing basis.

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3. Sign a contract and move in

If the business and homeowner wish to proceed, they will sign a tailored license agreement outlining the monthly fee and access hours, among other details. Once this is signed and our security checks are completed, the business can begin working from their new home-office. 

Day to day operation

Homeowners provide a private work space, as well as other amenities like a kitchen, bathroom and meeting space.

Access hours vary, but businesses will usually have access to the home-office from around 8:30am to 6pm.

Businesses are given a spare key to the home-office, or the homeowner will let them in each day.

Most homeowners allow businesses to bring small bits of equipment to the space, such as printers or monitors.

Rent is paid monthly by the business through our secure payment processing systems.

Find out more
For more information about how Hermit works for homeowners and businesses visit our FAQ page
If you're a small business interested in working from a Hermit office visit our listing page to browse spaces
If you're a homeowner interested in listing your property 
upload your property here
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