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On moving to London, we realised how expensive it is to live and work in the city. Property is in high demand and finding an affordable home or office is increasingly difficult.

But while space is at such a premium, much of it is under-used. In particular, homes are left empty during the day whilst their owners work in the week. Could these homes, people’s most valuable assets, be used more efficiently?

So we created Hermit, an idea where small businesses can work from residential homes in the city, whilst the property residents are away. This will allow business to work somewhere more comfortable, convenient and cost-efficient, whilst providing the homeowner with a valuable source of income from their home.

Our goal is to re-define what ‘office’ means. We see it as a place where business can thrive - it doesn’t need to be a sterile container in a corporate location, intent on binding tenants with crippling rates and rigid contracts. Instead it can be a large space, with comfortable chairs and sofas, a large kitchen and private bathroom - a place where employees can feel right at home.

Our mission is to change how people use space: making cities more accessible for businesses and homeowners alike.

Thank you for reading. To help us reach this vision, join today.


Max Jezierski and Sam Roberts, Hermit Co-founders

About Us

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